New tool – Base64 Converter

I found myself doing a number of Base64 conversions recently - I usually use PowerShell for this, but I decided it would be handy to have a tool to do it, so I created one! Not something that hasn't been done before or can't easily be done online, but it's always nice to create your … Continue reading New tool – Base64 Converter

DIY Windows Provisioning – a Solution Example

Some time ago I created a custom solution to provision Windows workstations and in this blog I wanted to share how that solution works. This is not a community solution but simply an example of what can be possible with a little creativity and technical know-how! I work for an American company with a global … Continue reading DIY Windows Provisioning – a Solution Example

Script Viewer for Microsoft Intune

It's been a while since a published a community UI tool - I used to have fun doing that back when I had time...😆 This one is something I created a while ago actually but as I needed to use it a few times I decided to finish it off and publish it. It's a … Continue reading Script Viewer for Microsoft Intune