Script Viewer for Microsoft Intune

It’s been a while since a published a community UI tool – I used to have fun doing that back when I had time…๐Ÿ˜†

This one is something I created a while ago actually but as I needed to use it a few times I decided to finish it off and publish it. It’s a simple tool for viewing your PowerShell scripts in Microsoft Intune – a capability that I’m still surprised doesn’t exist natively in the Intune portal. There’s no editing capability in the tool – the main reason is that most of my production scripts are now under source control, but I still like to have the ability to view directly them as and when.

You can download the app from GitHub here.

The app uses the Microsoft Intune PowerShell enterprise app in your Azure AD tenant, so a separate app registration is not required, but you do need to be using the Intune PowerShell SDK in your environment. Obviously you also need the relevant permissions to view scripts in Intune.

To use the app, simply click Connect Intune and authenticate with your AAD tenant.

Then select a script to view it.

The app is a self-contained executable compiled for the .Net framework (min. 4.7.2) and the source code is available in the linked GitHub repo.

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