Consolidated Feature Update Reporting for Microsoft Intune

If you’re deploying feature updates using feature update profiles in Intune you’re probably familiar with the Windows Feature Update Report available in the endpoint manager portal:

As is often the case with these canned reports though, I find myself wanting to report things differently – in this case I wanted to see a consolidated view of feature update deployments across all feature update versions and profiles, instead of having to generate a report for each one.

So I wrote a PowerShell script to export all the report data from Microsoft Graph, combine it, then upload it to a log analytics workspace. From there, I use PowerBI to display the consolidated data where I can see an overview for all feature update versions, filter by the target version, installation status etc.

Personally I automate this on a schedule using Azure automation, but you could also just run it ad-hoc, and you could also just output the data to a CSV file if you wanted, instead of uploading to Azure.

Here be the code 🙂

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