Windows 10 Splash Screen Issue Fixed for W10 1909 / ConfigMgr Task Sequence

In August last year, I posted an updated version of a custom Windows 10-style splash screen I created for use in a ConfigMgr upgrade task sequence. Since Windows 10 1909 came on the scene a few have commented that the splash screens will appear for a few seconds then disappear when running in a task sequence. I was able to reproduce the issue and have updated the scripts to correct that problem.

You can find the updated files in my GitHub repo.

One additional script has been added (Create-Runspaces.ps1) and the Show-OSUpgradeBackground.ps1 code has changed, but you only need to update your package content – the way you call the scripts in a task sequence remains unchanged.

Thanks to Gary Blok for pushing me on this!

Technical stuff – if you care 🙂

The problem occurred because the PowerShell process which creates the runspaces that display the splash screens only stays alive long enough for the runspaces to be created. These runspaces run in separate processes. I don’t know why the behaviour is different in W10 1909 or if it’s specific to a particular version of ConfigMgr, but when the first process ends, the spawned processes are also closed down.

To work around that, the Show-OSUpgradeBackground script now creates an additional PowerShell process which calls the script Create-Runspaces, and this script does what the first script did previously – create the runspace/s to display the splash screen/s.

Introducing the additional process means the first process can close down with affecting anything, and the task sequence is not blocked from continuation while the splash screens display.

One thought on “Windows 10 Splash Screen Issue Fixed for W10 1909 / ConfigMgr Task Sequence

  1. Im trying to modify the XAML file to move all the text to the top of the grid, so far not having any luck so wanted to see if the expert could assist. Specifically trying to get StackPanel Grid.Row=”3″ so its all the way at the top instead of all the way at the bottom. The reason for this is Windows 11 OOBE opens the Start menu and covers my text, so im trying to move the text all the way to the top

    Any thoughts?

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