ConfigMgr OS Upgrade TS W10 1709 Does Not Care About Windows Edition

Today I ran a ConfigMgr OS Upgrade task sequence configured to use the Enterprise edition of Windows 10 1709 on a workstation that had Windows 10 Pro 1703 installed. Since the VLC media for 1709 contains the various editions in different indexes, you are supposed to choose the relevant one in the Upgrade Operating System step.


Of course, I expected the TS to fail because the configured edition is different to the edition that TS was being run on – but to my surprise, it didn’t care and the TS succeeded! Windows 10 Pro 1703 was upgraded to Windows 10 Pro 1709.

Not sure if that’s a bug or a feature, but it’s actually quite convenient!

3 thoughts on “ConfigMgr OS Upgrade TS W10 1709 Does Not Care About Windows Edition

  1. We came across this issue where we upgrade windows 7 Pro to windows 10 Enterprise. The task sequence would not go to Post process steps after upgrading OS, it just comes to Login screen of windows 10.
    What we did to solve this issue, we added the Product Key into Upgrade OS steps, and it fixes our problem and now Task Sequence complete successfully with all steps after OS upgrade.
    -just add Product key into OS upgrade step

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