Friday fun: Create a WPF Clock Widget with PowerShell

The guys over at Arction have kindly made available a free Gauge control for WPF. I decided to download it and create a clock using PowerShell. The result is New-WPFClock.


To use the function, first download the free Gauge control. You’ll find the Arction.WPF.Gauges.dll in the Libs\Wpf folder. In the script on line 26, enter the location of this dll on your system.

Then simply call New-WPFClock.

The function has a couple of optional parameters:

  • Color – set the colour of the clock face
  • Height – set the height
  • Width – set the width
  • FontSize – set the size of the numbers
  • AlwaysOnTop – keep the clock on top of other windows

To close the clock, simply right-click it.


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