WSUS Server Cleanup Report

There are a few scripts out there that will perform a cleanup of your WSUS server/s, but here's my contribution ūüôā ¬†It uses the Invoke-WSUSServerCleanup cmdlet only available in Windows Server 2012 / Windows 8 onwards, so for previous versions try something like Kaido J√§rvemets' script. ¬†This script will perform the WSUS cleanup for any … Continue reading WSUS Server Cleanup Report

Installing and Configuring WSUS with Powershell

In setting up our SCCM 2012 infrastructure, I decided to patch our OS deployments using WSUS instead of SCCM Software Updates. ¬†Since we have multiple distribution points in different geographical areas, I decided to install a WSUS server in each location where we do deployments. ¬†Granted, installing and configuring WSUS is not the most technically … Continue reading Installing and Configuring WSUS with Powershell