Free ConfigMgr Task Sequence Monitoring Tool

Update! (Nov 19 2015 – If you experienced the issue with the app appearing and immediately disappearing again, this has been fixed in the latest release v1.2.1)

Today I am pleased to release a new free application for System Center Configuration Manager users: ConfigMgr Task Sequence Monitor 🙂


It is a tool for monitoring or reviewing task sequence executions in Configuration Manager and is particularly useful for monitoring Operating System deployments.  Where integration with MDT is available and the MDT monitoring web service has been enabled, the app can include the data from MDT for an enhanced monitoring experience of your ZTI OS deployments.

Action output can be displayed for each step of the task sequence, giving more detail about the execution of that step, and is useful for quickly identifying the cause of any errors in the task sequence execution.

The app can also generate an HTML deployment summary report for any task sequence.

Check it out here:

The tool is my first publicly released WPF application coded entirely in PowerShell, so I welcome any feedback!