Delete Device Records in AD / AAD / Intune / Autopilot / ConfigMgr with PowerShell

I’ve done a lot of testing with Windows Autopilot in recent times. Most of my tests are done in virtual machines, which are ideal as I can simply dispose of them after. But you also need to cleanup the device records that were created in Azure Active Directory, Intune, the Autopilot registration service, Microsoft Endpoint Manager (if you’re using it) and Active Directory in the case of Hybrid-joined devices.

To make this a bit easier, I wrote the following PowerShell script. You simply enter the device name and it’ll go and search for that device in any of the above locations that you specify and delete the device records.

The script assumes you have the appropriate permissions, and requires the Microsoft.Graph.Intune and AzureAD PowerShell modules, as well as the Configuration Manager module if you want to delete from there.

You can delete from all of the above locations with the -All switch, or you can specify any combination, for example -AAD -Intune -ConfigMgr, or -AD -Intune etc.

In the case of the Autopilot device registration, the device must also exist in Intune before you attempt to delete it as the Intune record is used to determine the serial number of the device.

Please test thoroughly before using on any production device!


Delete-AutopilotedDeviceRecords -ComputerName PC01 -All
) | foreach {
    Delete-AutopilotedDeviceRecords -ComputerName $_ -AAD -Intune