New tool: ConfigMgr Add2Collection

Today I released a new tool for the community! ConfigMgr Add2Collection is a free tool that allows IT administrators and support staff to add resources to collections in ConfigMgr independently of the ConfigMgr console. It honors role-based access control (RBAC) to limit visibility of collections where appropriate. It can be used either on the Site Server … Continue reading New tool: ConfigMgr Add2Collection

Querying ConfigMgr – WMI vs SQL

There is more than one way to get data from ConfigMgr.  Some data you can get directly from the ConfigMgr Console.  But if you want more detailed and customised information you usually need to go a bit deeper, for example by using the ConfigMgr PowerShell cmdlets, querying WMI with PowerShell or some other tool, or … Continue reading Querying ConfigMgr – WMI vs SQL