New tool! Reliability Viewer for Windows


I am pleased to release a new free GUI tool today to assist in troubleshooting Windows systems – the Reliability Viewer for Windows.  It is based on the concept of the built-in Windows Reliability Monitor, but can be used to display data from both the local or remote systems, which the Microsoft tool cannot do.

It is useful for identifying stability issues on a Windows system by reporting key system events such as

  • Application crashes
  • Software Update installations
  • MsiInstaller events
  • Unexpected system shutdowns
  • Blue-screens
  • Driver installations
  • Hardware failure

It uses PowerShell Remoting to retrieve reliability data from remote computers and displays it in an event-log style grid format.  Filters are included for the key fields for easy searching of particular events. The application can also generate a system stability chart using Microsoft Excel, which uses reliability metrics to give an overview of the stability of the system over time.


Download the tool here, or read the full blog for the tool here.

Enjoy 🙂

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