Free ConfigMgr Client Health Report

Today I am pleased to make available the first of my free reports for System Center Configuration Manager 2012 and onward – a client health report.  These reports have been created in Microsoft Excel and use data connections to the ConfigMgr database, which allows us to pull a large amount of data into a single report, and display it both summarily, graphically and in data tables, without the need to drill down into further reports or navigate to different locations in the ConfigMgr console to find the data you need.

The client health report focuses on key health data for your ConfigMgr clients, including:

  • Inactive / active clients
  • Clients that have passed or failed the client evaluation check, including any error details
  • Clients that are active or inactive for DDR (heartbeat discovery), hardware inventory, software inventory, policy requests and status messages
  • ConfigMgr client versions in your environment
  • Last reboot times
  • Discovered systems with no ConfigMgr client installed
  • Systems that failed to install the ConfigMgr client, including error details

Download and read the full post for the client health report here.








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