New book! Deploy, Manage and Update Java Runtime with Configuration Manager and PowerShell. Available on Amazon.

I’m pleased to announce the release of my first IT Solution Guide – Deploy, Manage and Update Java Runtime Environment in the Enterprise with System Center Configuration Manager and PowerShell.  (Wow that’s a mouthful!)


This step-by-step guide demonstrates how Configuration Manager can be used together with PowerShell to create a solution for managing the Java Runtime Environment in your organisation.  I cover:

  • Using the Application model to deploy Java with some custom scripting to uninstall previous versions and keep your registry clean
  • Using Compliance Settings to control how Java is configured on your client machines, for example locking settings in the Java Control Panel and ensuring the configuration is not changed
  • Using PowerShell to automate the task of deploying a new Java version
  • Reporting on your Java deployment/s, using either the built-in tools or using the provided custom deployment report created using Microsoft Excel with a SQL Server database connection

The solution would be particularly useful for enterprises that are security-conscious, and want to be able to control which Java version is installed and how it is configured on their Windows clients.  It would also be useful for IT administrators that need to deploy new versions of Java frequently and want to simplify the update process.  The framework of the solution could be customized and used to deploy and manage other applications that require frequent updates.

Available now worldwide on Amazon in Paperback and Kindle editions.   CreateSpace


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