Installing Roxio Creator Starter Silently

Don’t you hate those apps that stubbornly refuse to install when using SCCM?  For me, one such app was Roxio Creator Starter.  The install switches do not seem to be well documented.  After googling, I found the following command line which works:

setup.exe RX_EULA_ACCEPTED=1 /qn ADDLOCAL=ALL Reboot=ReallySuppress

But when deploying it to an x64 OS using SCCM, it fails to install.  So I opened the ‘AppEnforce.log’ on the client and found an exit code of 1622.  Using the Error Lookup tool in the CMTrace utility (Tools > Error Lookup), the following description is given:

“Error opening installation log file. Verify that the specified log file location exists and that you can write to it.”

It seems like some apps want to log to a location in the user profile area, which it can’t really do when installing in the SYSTEM context, so I added a switch to log to the %TEMP% location, which will be C:\Windows\Temp.  Now it installs fine using SCCM 🙂

setup.exe RX_EULA_ACCEPTED=1 /qn ADDLOCAL=ALL Reboot=ReallySuppress /l*v “%TEMP%\Roxio.log”

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