Decrypting Remote Desktop Connection Manager Passwords with PowerShell

Today I needed to find a password for a certain account I had used before (but had forgotten), and I remembered that I had stored the credentials in the Remote Desktop Connection Manager, Microsoft’s free RD tool. Of course, it crossed my mind whether these credentials could be decrypted, and it turns out they can, quite easily, with a little PowerShell.

The credentials are stored in encrypted form in the RDG file you create for your RDP connections. It’s just an XML file, so can be easily parsed with PowerShell. Using a handy trick blogged by , I decrypted all the credentials found in the RDG file.

The passwords can only be decrypted with the user profile that added them to the RDG file, however, so they are still reasonably secure. If the credentials were added by another account or on another system, you will get a “Failed to decrypt” error as seen below, which is the same error you get if you try to copy the RDG file and open it on another computer or with another user profile.

Needless to say, I found the password I needed!


# Path to RDCMan.exe
$RDCMan = "C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft\Remote Desktop Connection Manager\RDCMan.exe"
# Path to RDG file
$RDGFile = "$env:USERPROFILE\Documents\RDPConnections.rdg"
$TempLocation = "C:\temp"

Copy-Item $RDCMan "$TempLocation\RDCMan.dll"
Import-Module "$TempLocation\RDCMan.dll"
$EncryptionSettings = New-Object -TypeName RdcMan.EncryptionSettings

$XML = New-Object -TypeName XML
$logonCredentials = Select-XML -Xml $XML -XPath '//logonCredentials'

$Credentials = New-Object System.Collections.Arraylist
$logonCredentials | foreach {
    Username = $_.Node.userName
    Password = $(Try{[RdcMan.Encryption]::DecryptString($_.Node.password, $EncryptionSettings)}Catch{$_.Exception.InnerException.Message})
    Domain = $_.Node.domain
    } | Sort Username

$Credentials | Sort Username